Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to Go Green at your school and in your home

One of the important aspects of our changing environment is finding ways to go green. Why go green. It is healthy for students, your school and the global environment. Many students react to products that are used to clean their homes and their schools. Some of the harmful products in disinfectants and soaps include chlorine, formaldehyde and ammonia make children and adults sick. This can affect certain children who have skin conditions or asthma: Here are some things you can do to change your school:

1. Look for natural products that get the same cleaning results
2. Recycle paper at your school
3. Change to more efficient lights in every classroom
4. Recycle glass and plastic bottles
5. Lower your heat by 1 degree
6. Walk to a location when you can
7. Borrow books form the library

We all must do our part to make the environment better place to live. Going Green means you are sensitive to the challenges that students are facing. With over 6 billion people on earth its time to save our environment. Here is a video:
Please contact me to find out how you can have a less toxic products for your school or home environment at 610-842-3843 or send an email to

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